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Home Inspection Prices

How to calculate your home inspection prices :

   Up to  1,200 sqft       $325.00 
1,201 to 2,000 sqft       $375.00
2,001 to 3,000 sqft       $450.00
3,001 to 4,000 sqft       $525.00
4,001 and up call for a quote....

Swimming Pools are $50
Deduct $25 for condos or townhomes.

These prices are a national average price. They include older homes and crawlspaces (when applicable). We do NOT charge for drivetime. There are NO hidden charges. The price you see is the PRICE YOU PAY!

Other companies "BAIT" you in with some low price then stick it to you with add ons for every little thing, I even saw one company that has 3 levels of inspection? The more you want checked the more they charge? 

If your inspection shows the need for extensive repairs resulting in the purchase of a different property, we will offer a price reduction of 20% off the next inspection.